Drop Off Form

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I, the undersigned, certify that I am the owner, or authorized agent for the owner, of the
animal listed above. You, as the owner, have opted to have your pet admitted to the
hospital for evaluation of an illness or drop off appointment. As this is an optional service
provided by Strong Veterinary Hospital, I understand that the evaluation of my pet will
be worked into the schedule as the veterinarian or hospital personnel see fit and that
there is no guaranteed time when your pet will be evaluated. By admitting your pet to
the hospital, you are agreeing to be financially responsible for at least the cost of an
examination while your pet is here.

Once your pet has been evaluated, the examining veterinarian will contact you at the
number listed above to discuss an estimate for diagnostics and/or treatments. Because
we value your time, please CHOOSE ONE OPTION BELOW regarding how you would
like us to proceed with diagnostics and/or treatments:


Flea control is particularly important for your hospitalized pet and our hospital. Should
we discover that your pet has fleas or evidence of fleas, they will be treated according to
their weight. In this manner, we can ensure the transmission of parasites is prevented
between animals and we maintain a flea-free hospital environment. If we must treat your
pet for fleas, there will be an additional cost added on to the invoice for that treatment.

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If you decide to leave personal items at the hospital while your pet is undergoing a
procedure (i.e. leash, collar, harness, etc), Strong Veterinary Hospital will not be
responsible for any lost items.

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I have read and understand this form and accept responsibility for payment of all
charges incurred and services provided to my animal by Strong Veterinary Hospital.

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